Why Are Student-Teacher Relationships Important?

Posted July 5, 2022 by aspamiis11

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If you ask anyone about their favourite childhood memories, a teacher was likely a big part of it. Teachers are not only lights of knowledge and one of the most trusted guides during those vulnerable years, but also the backbone that shapes generations and affects our future as a whole. At CBSE schools in Sharjah, the relationship between a student and a teacher is undoubtedly one of the most important and unique parts of each person's life.

Before the pandemic, teachers and students could talk, play games and do other things to get to know each other. But in the pandemic ecosystem, the digital medium has made these unique and informal touchpoints less important, and teachers and students don't have as much of a personal connection.

The days when teachers were the only ones who could teach the curriculum are long gone. The current teacher is a guru, a friend, a guide and a trusted companion. They give students hope and teach them how to learn from mistakes. Teachers today wear many hats, and there are many kinds of relationships between teachers and students.

Role as a Leader

Instead of being in charge, teachers are helping students find ways to use their talents, improve their skills and grow to their fullest potential. Students are told to lead from the front, see their peers as teammates, value diversity and inclusion and be flexible and change.

Role as a Friend & Counsellor

Teachers and students have more fun and trust because classroom discussions have moved into the real world. Students are encouraged to ask questions and talk about their fears, and teachers gently point them in the right direction.

Promote Mental Health & Well-Being

It's okay not to be okay. With this as their motto, teachers worldwide are giving their students a chance to talk about their thoughts, feelings and worries, find solutions to their problems and make positive changes.

Now, let's talk about ways for teachers and students to get along well:

Encourage Feedback

When a teacher takes the time to listen to their ideas, opinions and perspectives, students get a sense of being valued and respected. Teachers can help students develop healthy self-esteem and confidence by facilitating an environment where students can express their opinions freely.

Bonding Outside the Classroom

Group activities outside the classroom like school excursions, sports or debate competitions and other such activities break the boundaries between both sides and let students regard their teachers as relatable human beings with emotions & an element of fun. This reinforces the notion that they are trustworthy.

Social and Emotional Learning Strategies

This technique emphasises self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, social awareness and interpersonal skills, and it is an essential part of education and human development.

Also, on the list of Indian schools in Sharjah is ASPAM IIS, which wants to build a long-term relationship that will help students in the long run. They help students in many ways by giving learning support to teachers, academic counsellors, guidance counsellors, educational psychologists and occupational therapists. These services help teachers and students get along well and for a long time.
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