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YearnNFT- the utmost mainstream NFT marketplace developed and deployed on Binance Smart Chain network.
YearnNFT- the utmost mainstream NFT marketplace developed and deployed on Binance Smart Chain network. Backed by Binance protocols, this project empowers both creators/artists and communities to freely and affordably create, discover, reserve, trade, and leverage NFTs. Assisting all communities interested in NFTs is the core motive of YearnNFT team as they intend to empower the upcoming generation of digital transactions.

This platform serves three groups of users- NFT creators, collectors and traders alike. YearnNFT marketplace allows users to easily create and tokenize the content/asset. Moreover, it is also a spot for every contributor to explore and search for rare and exclusive NFTs from various sources; not only they can trade and distribute NFTs freely but also leverage YearnNFT platform to retrieve financial incentives obtaining from NFT goods.

Why YearnNFT Hits the First Place?

YearnNFT intends to build a trustworthy marketplace where any user can effortlessly trade precious and limited art pieces of digital assets such as collectibles, digital art, gaming assets, etc. The team also ensures the scarcity of every placed digital asset. Moreover, creators can decide on minting digital content in limited phases or access prevailing NFTs from BSC compatible blockchain. The motive of scarcity will guide creators avoid the emergence of secondary markets.

On YFNFT platform, distribution methods are customizable, providing corporate solutions to issue the online content using simple purchase, redemption, auction, etc. The team allows and support various content formats. YearnNFT tries to satisfy various demands of users, thus welcoming wide content from 2D images, 3D models, to music files.

Decentralization is another plus point of this marketplace where trades on YearnNFT happens on Binance Smart Chain and standard smart contracts. Yet community governance is next positive feature in which $YFNFT token holders can freely participate in proposal creating, asset holding and voting.

Not only these mentioned rights but also community members enjoy financial rewards along with additional privileges including exclusive sales and increased limits. The team at YFNFT focuses on cost-efficiency by choosing BSC that provides a fast, cheap, affordable and safe transaction environment for YearnNFT ecosystem. Also, the service fees on this marketplace are quite low.

The $YFNFT Token

$YFNFT token is the utility as well as the governance token of YearnNFT platform. It is basically a BEP20 token developed on BSC. YFNFT holders attain additional benefits if they hold verified amounts of $YFNFT assets.

$YFNFT is designed to be used for transactions and voting protocols. The token holders will have high priority in case of NFT listing.
Additionally, the creators who hold $YFNFT can raise their minting and transaction limits.

The token holders at YearnNFT marketplace will also earn a discounted rewards and service fee applicable in specified cases. Not only incredible rewards but also, they will have early access to presales and other events held at the ecosystem. Last but not the least, the token holders can propose and vote to choose the future of YearnNFT.

YFNFT token economy is shown below:
Token Name: YearnNFT
Symbol: YFNFT
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Features: Governance, Fees, Rewards, Payments and Trade

Tokenomics Distribution

Total Supply: 73339 YFNFT
Available Supply: 73332 YFNFT
Presale: 20% (14666.4)
Liquidity: 17.5% (12833.10)
Token Burn: 50% (36666)

a) Registration Bounty 2% (1466.64)
b) Referral Bounty- 2% (1466.64)
c) Influencer reward- 1% (733.32.64)
d) Airdrop reward- 1% (733.32.64)

YFNFT Token Development

a) NFT Publishers Reward- 1.5% (1099.98)
a) Development Team- 1.5% (1099.98)
b) Marketing Team- 1% (733.32.64)
c) Advisers- 0.5% (366.66)
d) Founders- 1% (733.32.64)
e) Investors- 1% (733.32.64)

The highest participating users on the platform will be rewarded through community mining. Interestingly, the platform operates a mechanism to ensure a wider issuance and distribution in the community. There are funding systems and strategies to be used for platform and ecosystem development activities. Lastly, the liquidity funds are reserved to provide liquidity and rational bounties in the future.

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