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Check out how Blumstein explains about stock market investment and how to keep a tangible approach. Learn more about financial services and stock market via this piece of information by Julius Wealth Advisors, LLC.
Englewood, New Jersey – While investing in the stock market can be complex and certainly confusing, our goal at Julius Wealth Advisors, LLC, (www.juliuswealthadvisors.com) is to take away the confusion in regard to this time-tested wealth-building process.

“In many cases people are fearful of the stock market,” said Jason Blumstein, CFA®, and founder of this financial and investment advisory firm. “The media and a lack of financial literacy have contributed to creating an aura which breeds a level of distrust and fear.

“These investment cycles are inevitable,” said Blumstein. “And while clients always come up with reasons to be concerned, I have found their reactions can be managed through ongoing education, communication, and what we call financial literacy.”

One of the points Blumstein brings up with clients is that investing in the stock market is really nothing more than buying a piece of someone’s business. This approach is helpful to clients and makes the wealth-building process more tangible.

“If you like a company’s business model, its financial growth, and its management team, it might be worth taking a closer look,” said Blumstein. “This is part of our financial literacy program.

“Our philosophy to wealth creation involves a proper mind set, literacy, and discipline,” he said. “It all starts with education and the acknowledgment that there is no magic elixir.”

Blumstein added that clients frequently come to the table with many pre-conceived notions about investing.

“We all tend to be creatures of our past, so it’s important for us to recognize that as we move forward,” he said. “With this information, we’ll present the pros and cons of various strategies and how they fit into a customized long-term financial plan.”

Blumstein’s plans are customized to a client’s needs and timeframes. The process involves:

- A philosophy guided by the principles of Warren Buffett and Jack Bogle which emphasizes owning high-quality assets for decades, not days, while seeking downside protection and controlling the drag of cost and taxes.

- Research and invest in assets that exhibit certain quantifiable characteristics that have been demonstrated to deliver more favorable long-term, risk-adjusted returns – not every time, but over time.

- Ascertain an investor’s needs, ability and willingness to own a business. The goal is to personalize a solution that meets unique situations, allowing the clients to stay the course with long-term peace of mind.

Throughout the process, Julius Wealth Advisors, LLC, places a premium on relationships with clients who look to the firm for guidance during good and difficult times.

Julius Wealth Advisors, LLC, is built on three pillars -- integrity, knowledge and passion. The firm’s services include behavioral coaching, financial planning and investment management.

“Unlike the typical financial and investment advisor,” said Blumstein, “we believe in offering more than just numbers on a quarterly report. We are here to help you identify long-term financial goals and create a tailored plan to achieve them. Plus, we offer behavioral coaching to support better decision making in the future.”

Blumstein also points out these plans change as lives and personal situations change. These can include marriage, becoming parents, an illness, a divorce, career change, and ultimately financial freedom. Regardless of these situations, Julius Wealth Advisors, LLC, stresses the disciplines necessary to reach any of these goals.

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