Environmental Benefits of Recycled Cotton Fabric

Posted May 26, 2022 by rkcotweaving

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The World Wide Fund (WWF) calls cotton crops one of the most profitable non-food crops (cash crops) in the world. It provides employment to about 250 million people worldwide and is probably the most used fabric globally. However, the cotton production method is still unsustainable and causes environmental damage to the ecosystem.

In the wake of increasing environmental damages, we need to find sustainable ways to produce and use cotton, and recycled cotton fabric seems like a great alternative. But what are these recycled cotton fabrics?

Recycled cotton fabric is converted from cotton fabric to cotton fibre to be reused in textile products. We are listing the environmental benefits of recycled cotton fabric for you.

Reduces Water Loss

According to the Water Footprint Network, Producing 1 kg of cotton in India requires about 22,500 liters of water, on average. When you recycle cotton, you are saving water that would otherwise go into producing more cotton.

The harvesting of cotton crops is water-intensive. Even if you use organic fabric that seems to do no harm to the soil, the water requirement of the crop makes it very unsustainable for the environment.

2. Reduced Water Pollution

Cotton is often dyed with different colors to give it the required color for the fashion industry. These dyed fabrics cause water pollution when they end up in landfills and rivers. They do so by releasing harmful chemicals from the dye.

Recycled cotton fabric is already dyed, which saves on the labor and energy requirement and the pollution that dyed dumped textiles can cause in a landfill.

3. Reduced Use of Pesticides

Cotton crops require a lot of pesticides and insecticides that ultimately drain away into the seas and oceans, causing damage to marine life. When you recycle these cotton fabrics, you are not only repurposing material but also saving on the water pollution that may be caused by the release of pesticides and other chemicals.

4. Re-using Products Gives Them New Life

Recycled cotton fabrics are the cotton fabrics that may have ended up in landfills but got a new lease of life through recycling. This circular economy decreases the instances of waste.

You can either mix the cotton fabric with some other fabric and reuse it, or you can use it to make lower-quality cotton fabrics for mops, duster clothes, etc. It is better to use recycled cotton fabrics until we find the most sustainable way to cultivate cotton.

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