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TASC Outsourcing or is a top HR agency serving GCC countries. It offers valuable services like HR consultancy and Recruitment Services.
24th November 2022, Riyadh: TASC Outsourcing or is a top HR agency serving as recruitment and human resource consultant in the leading GCC countries in the Middle East. Some of its major services include recruitment consultancy and a whole range of HR consultancy.

The agency was set up by the visionary genius Mahesh Shahdadpuri in a bid to set up a unique kind of people-focused business as early as 2007. TASC has thereafter shaken up the recruitment sector in the GCC in the last decade.

The agency has accomplished a tremendous annual average growth rate of 150%. As such, Mahesh has earned the reputation of a thought leader in the industry. He has also helped the company garner favourable mentions in the media houses like Bloomberg and Forbes as well as awards such as Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum Business Award.

TASC serves both job seekers and businesses. It has a collection of the latest vacancies and helps supercharge the efforts for job search for individuals. For employer companies, it helps them discover the cream of global talent and world-class business services.

The agency has picked up a trick or two while placing thousands of employees for hundreds of employers. As such, they are able to share the know-how of how to attract the right employer and find the job that candidates are destined and suited for. It is good to routinely check their website for market intelligence and tips.

TASC has grown into one of the region’s leading HR services, staffing, and recruitment providers. They work with some of the biggest names in the region, including the newest companies. It is driven by six core values- Quality, Reliability, Collaboration, Respect, Innovation, and Agility.

Quality is followed by adhering to the Kaizen value of the constant improvement. Operations are reliable because of ISO certification. By pursuing win-win outcomes for clients and companies, it implements collaboration. Respect is achieved by employing personnel of different backgrounds and nationalities. The company stays agile through fast onboarding time and optimal responsiveness. By implementing state-of-the-art technologies and innovations, the agency stays ahead of the pack.

TASC is a leader in HR services in the GCC and the rest of the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region. It is powered by a 200-strong team in the Gulf countries and India. It is also supported by two off-shore centres in Bangalore and Riyadh.

The agency offers a highly effective service as a human resource consultant. There is no better agency than TASC, which is the Gulf’s leading HR outsourcing specialist to handle HR on behalf of businesses.

Companies can trust their HR function to TASC- such as auditing and policy development, strategy and succession planning, benefits and compensation strategy, and many more. One can benefit from industry-leading support and planning to aid one in the growth of one’s business. They help to save one cost, effort, and time, lowering risk and maximizing the contentment and productivity of one’s workforce.

Permanent recruitment and Contract staffing are the forte of TASC. With TASC, one is welcome to the future of contract staffing, where they deliver the flexible solutions required on time and on spec. They handle search and selection, admin, payroll, HR, insurance etc., with staff employed on the visa of the agency. It is the most effective, cost-effective, and quickest way to boost the capabilities and capacities of companies.

Long-term staffing solutions of TASC open businesses to a virtually infinite pool of global talent. While the workforce takes care of one’s business, TASC takes care of one’s workforce, transferring tedious back-end functions, such as payroll and HR, away from one’s hands.

This way, one can save up to 30% on operating costs and gain access to visionary market intelligence and world-class expertise in resource management. Employees get the benefit of proven HR expertise and the support of industry-leading support structures, such as AIDA. AIDA is TASC’s innovative AI-powered What’s App personal assistant.

Solutions for staffing in the short term of TASC provide the flexibility to scale down or up the workforce to meet current needs precisely. They help deliver short-term associates who are ideally qualified for the positions required to be filled exactly when one needs to fill them- whether it is flexi-staffing, a task-specific hire or to meet an upsurge in business demand.

TASC offers access to a world of specialist talent as well as the expertise required to source exactly the ideal candidates for companies. When they manage the process from end to end, companies can save both on time and operating costs (up to 30%).

Another service provided by TASC is Remote 360. This is an infinitely flexible staffing solution. One can expand capabilities and capacities instantly with their ready-made global team of talented remote workers.

Apart from contract staffing, TASC delivers solutions for Permanent Recruitment. No matter whether one is seeking a C-level superstore, HR hero, or Digital whizz, they have it all covered. They look beyond the usual to find the ideal candidates- the ones who not only have the right skill set but who fit the company culture. This makes for seamless hires and painless, quick onboarding.

Executive search is important as C-level executives, and senior staff is the rocket fuel that power a business. This function of PR specialists provided by the agency is the same. Using a distinctive set of skills, resources, and tools such as in-depth market mapping and continually updated market intelligence, they comb through global talent pipelines to identify and recruiting leaders who match business needs perfectly.

TASC has a wealth of proven successes behind it. As such, one can leave candidate testing, interviews, and evaluations to the agency. It is sure that they will deliver the best candidate for the job-whatever be the level.

Another kind of Permanent recruitment provided by TASC is Contingency Recruitment. TASC recognizes that recruitment and staffing retainers imply substantial investment. Hence, they provide an alternative in the form of Contingency recruitment. This is based on a simple premise-if they fill the position that the company is seeking to fill-they have to pay for the service, and if they don’t-no payment is required.

About the company: TASC Outsourcing or is a top HR and Recruitment agency serving the GCC countries of the Middle East. It delivers services like Contract Staffing, Permanent Recruitment, PEO services, GRO services, Payroll processing, HR consultancy, and Off-shore services.
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