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Is your PPC search campaign not working? The best PPC agency in Dubai can help you apply the right techniques. Read ahead this article to know more.
You've spent thousands of dollars on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search campaigns and have gotten a lot of leads. Your conversion rates are excellent, and your cost per lead is very low.

So, what's the issue?

Only after you begin analyzing your results and digging a little deeper do you realize that the vast majority of these leads are, in fact, "junk leads." Few, if any, of them are converting into opportunities, let alone customers. The bottom line is that you aren't getting a good return on investment. In such a scenario, Webtek Digital, the best PPC agency in Dubai can help you figure things out.

Have You Considered Google Ads?

If you're going to spend money on ads to reach your target audience, make sure you're spending it wisely. For example, Google is where more than 259 million unique visitors arrive and 4.8 billion daily interactions happen per day.

Given Google's vast reach, chances are you've seen (and probably clicked on) a Google advertisement... Your potential customers have done the same. This guide will teach you how to start advertising on Google. But if you are an amateur, it’s high time you seek help from someone professional, like Webtek Digital, the best Google Ads company in Dubai.

What exactly are Google Ads?
Google Ads is a paid advertising platform that falls under the pay-per-click (PPC) marketing channel, in which you (the advertiser) pay per click or impression (CPM) on an ad.

Google Ads is an efficient way to drive qualified traffic, or good-fit customers, to your business while they are searching for products and services similar to the ones you provide. You can increase your website traffic, phone calls, and in-store visits by using Google Ads.

In case you are wondering: Are Google Ads truly effective?

Yes, Google Ads are effective. You can create a high-ROI marketing campaign with an optimized ad campaign and lead flow. Consider the following statistics:

• Google Ads delivers a nearly 8% click-through rate.
• Every month, 180 million impressions are generated by display ads.
• Paid ads on Google receive 65 percent of clicks from users who are ready to buy.
• 43 percent of customers purchase something they saw on a YouTube ad.

Proper PPC investment can result in almost guaranteed ad placement in the search engine result pages of your choice. Furthermore, this placement has the potential to generate leads. In this post, we will discuss a few tried-and-true strategies for generating higher-quality, bottom-of-the-funnel leads from your PPC campaigns. Please make a note, that Webtek Digital, the best PPC agency in Dubai employs most of the techniques. Let's get started.

Set Up URL Tracking Correctly

To accurately measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, you must be able to track elements other than conversions. This information will allow you to determine which campaign and site a lead came from, which keyword they searched for, which device they were using, and so on. Professional Google AdWords services in Dubai can set up URL tracking properly.

Divide Your Campaigns Into Multiple Groups

Many businesses make the mistake of creating campaigns or ad groups for each product or service they offer. They don't delve deeper into the many different ways their target audience searches for the solutions they provide.

A top-notch Google AdWords and digital marketing management company in Dubai can address this by carefully planning your campaigns to segment your offer into as many groups as possible. You can segment your product or service based on each main feature, benefit, subcategory, target industry, or geographic location.

We would like to give a personal example here. We, at Webtek Digital, provide web design and development services. Our campaigns are frequently segmented as follows:

Subcategories: eCommerce website design, custom website design, responsive web design, and so on.
Features: WordPress web design and PHP development are all available.
Advantages: High-end web design, agile web development, and enterprise web development.
Target Industries: Gym and fitness website design, restaurant website design, and healthcare website design.

Once you've determined which segments you want to target, you can populate each campaign with the following assets:

Keywords: Any keywords associated with the associated segment.
Ads: Ad copy tailored to that audience.
Landing Pages (LPs): A customized landing page with content specific to that segment.

Concentrate on relevant keywords

Keywords are at the heart of every paid search campaign, and you must search far and wide to find the best ones for your company.

The first step is to identify the most focused and relevant keywords. Segment your campaigns as described in the previous section, and then search for keyword ideas within each segment. An experienced PPC and digital marketing agency has the right keyword research tools available to help you find the best keywords to target your audience.

Improve The Landing Page Of Your Advertisement

Your efforts should not end with your ad; the user experience after a click is also critical.

What happens when a user clicks on your ad? Is your landing page conversion-optimized, that is, does it use the same keywords as your homepage? Is the page helpful in resolving your user's issue or answering their question? Your user should have a smooth transition from the start to the end of the conversion process. Webtek Digital, a company known for result-driven Google AdWords management in Dubai will take care of every aspect to optimize your advertisement.

Here Are A Few Ways You Can Go Wrong With PPC Campaign Management:

• Coming up with keywords on the fly without prior research.
• Only creating one basic campaign without using Google Ads' Ad Groups tool.
• Attaching uninteresting landing pages — or a homepage that generates no leads — to the campaign.
• Not using "negative keywords" or monitoring campaigns to avoid wasting money.
• Creating campaigns, establishing budget caps, and going live without informing internal or external stakeholders.

So, how do you properly manage a PPC campaign to generate leads at a reasonable cost? You have to choose an expert like Webtek Digital, a leading Google Ads company in Dubai.

Begin your PPC campaign right away with Webtek Digital

PPC management is all about researching, budgeting, testing, reporting, and repeating until you get the desired results. You don't have to do it alone, though. Let Webtek Digital, the best PPC agency in Dubai implement a campaign that produces results for your business. Schedule a free consultation by mailing us at +971 54 543 5823
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