How to Create A Unique Décor with Cork Wall Tiles?

Posted June 5, 2020 by ZoeScarlet

Property owners who want to make the most of their floors, and to obtain the best performance should not ignore the importance of the underlayment they use.
Property owners who want to make the most of their floors, and to obtain the best performance should not ignore the importance of the underlayment they use. What you place under your floor matters, and it will impact the floors performance to a great extent. With so many options out there, most people find it difficult to decide on the type of underlayment to use. There is a growing interest in cork underlayment because of the advantages it brings. Also, cork wall tiles are a wonderful addition to any decor, being widely used in residential and commercial applications.

Why Choose Cork Underlayment?

Before you start to shop for new floors, you should consider the underlayment you will use under the floors. It is important to have a solid foundation, to select underlayments that provide maximum comfort and durability. It is worth mentioning that the underlayments you use will impact the performance of the floors as far as their comfort, longevity and acoustical properties are concerned. The problem with underlayment is that most people ignore its importance as it cannot be seen, so most are not aware of the added value it brings. The good news is that cork underlayment is much more effective than most common synthetic materials that are used as underlayments.

Provided you are willing to give cork underlayment a try you will benefit from the high-performance they bring; comfortable and durable floors. This type of underlayment has become a common choice among residential and commercial property owners because of the following reasons:

• It is easy to install, durable and effective
• It can be used successfully to disguise minor subfloor imperfections; if the substrate is not perfect you have nothing to worry about for this will not be seen when you use cork underlayments; the imperfections will not be visible in the finished floors.
• Cork underlayment is known for its stability and is water resistant; this makes it a wonderful choice in situations where moisture protection is a must
• Cork preserves the uniformity of the floors and it provides effective protection.
• When using cork, you do not have to worry about dents in the floor
• You will benefit from improved acoustic and thermal insulation; if you find footstep noise bothersome, cork is the best solution. Cork underlayments are known for their thermal insulation qualities
• It absorbs impact, being comfortable to walk on
• It is environmentally friendly

How to Install Cork Underlayment?

Whether you are interested in cork underlayment for residential or commercial applications, it is worth mentioning that professional installation is the best way to go. Cork is a great choice for sound control for it provides a great acoustic barrier, it is quick and easy to install and it will not deteriorate over the years. If sound reduction, comfort and stress crack protection are important to you, you will not regret having chosen cork as an underlayment.

A experienced cork floor installer knows how important it is to prepare the surface properly. They will make sure the surface is clean, dry and smooth, that it does not have any loose materials, oil, or grease on it. Furthermore, they will deal with the areas that require patching or leveling and they will make sure floor variation is within normal limits. They should understand all the nuances and only after the correct prep work will they install the underlayment.

Honestly, it is best to leave this task to professionals who know what they are doing to avoid unpleasant surprises. The installation cost can run expensive, but specialists in this field will get the job done quickly and effectively. You will benefit from superior installation services and from an underlayment that is designed to withstand the test of time.

What Are the Reasons People Choose Cork Wall Tiles?

When it comes to interior decoration, pretty much everything is possible. Wall tiles are back in style because they are quite innovative and are available in a variety of styles and colors. If you are interested in cork wall tiles you should know that they are a great addition to any decor and they provide a wide range of advantages. These tiles can be used in office spaces, and even in children’s rooms. They are quite affordable and easy to install.

Furthermore, cork wall tiles absorb impact shock and are known for its thermal and sound insulating properties. By choosing such tiles for your walls you will no longer have to worry about sound vibration transfers from another room. You will have some privacy and be impressed with the reduction of other unpleasant sounds. Cork is also a great choice for individuals who want to protect the environment as most cork walling and flooring products are made from a sustainable source. There are not many wall tiling materials that are affordable, attractive and easy to maintain. You can create a wonderful, unique decor at a reasonable cost.

In fewer words, you can shop for cork wall tiles from the comfort of your home and at your convenience. With a bit of research, you will come across reliable suppliers that put at your disposal a wide range of cork products such as cork underlayment, tiles, floors for all budgets and preferences. Thanks to the multitude of wall tiles available on the market these days you can create any decor you want without spending a fortune. Cork specialists, manufacturers and distributors are happy to assist you, providing information and recommendations so you can make a purchase you are happy with in the long run. The more you know about cork products and the advantages they bring the faster you will be convinced that this material is the best choice for you. You can enjoy cork walling, flooring and underlayment for many years to come.
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